Journal for Christian Scholarship
Tydskrif vir Christelike Wetenskap


Journal for Christian Scholarship

An accredited journal of the Association for Christian Higher Education

The Journal for Christian Scholarship is an accredited publication of Die Vereniging vir Christelike Hoër Onderwys (The Association for Christian Higher Education) in South Africa. It serves to provide academics the opportunity for the publishing of articles with a Christian point of view.  Such articles must contain a principal foundation or point of view (not necessarily in accordance with that of the Vereniging (Association)), however, but should (i) either make a contribution to the enhancement of Christian scholarship, or (ii) engage into discourse with the Christian scholarly tradition.

Contributions for Publication

1. The acceptance of contributions for publication is consistently being based on the philosophic and scientific disposition thereof.  It is a prerequisite that an article should adhere to these premises in order to be considered. The significance of this prerequisite is therefore of a twofold nature: firstly the article’s scientific composition should be supported by thorough research, and secondly, it is of importance that the compiler should be able to substantiate the outcome by means of research results. The evaluation is undertaken by external experts from tertiary institutions and it is thus expected that the content should comply to the same high standards.

2. ISSN: 1013 - 1116

3. The journal is being published twice a year, except for additional special editions from time to time.

4. The editorial staff includes academics of international stature who are regarded as experts with regard to a wide range of subject areas.

5. The members of the editorial staff are internationally recognised academics in their respective subject areas, which is substantiated by their own peer-reviewed research as contained in their publications and citations in various authoritative publications worldwide.

6. Every single article is subjected to external evaluation by an expert in the relevant subject.

7. The journal is being distributed to academic institutions, libraries and individuals locally, as well as in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and Japan.  Some of the institutions and libraries to which it is distributed include

Westminster Theological Seminary of Pennsylvania;

Moore Theological College, Newton, Australia;

Pitts Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Georgia;

University Libraries of Thubingen Germany, Kwazulu-Natal (SA), Venda(SA) and Quaqua(SA), and Libraries in South Africa;

Schools in South Africa;  and

individuals in the mentioned countries.

The Journal for Christian Scholarship can be viewed by using the SA ePublications address: Sabinet.

In general

The current editorial staff consist of the following internationally recognised academics

Dr R. Clouser, 204 Bradley Avenue, Haddonfield:  NJ 08033, USA

Prof W.J. Richards, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Prof A.W.G. Raath, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein

Prof D.F.M. Strauss, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, who is the Editor-in- chief

It should be mentioned that since its inception in 1965, the journal has contributed on a large scale to the promotion of science and scholarship in virtually all of the various disciplines which have been embarked upon during these 40 plus years.

Furthermore, the journal has gained international status and relevance, being distributed to countries such as the United States of America, Australia, the Netherlands and Japan, where it is consumed by academics and students and being kept in several libraries.


1.  Editorial privilege

It is a clear understanding with authors that the editorial privilege to bring about grammatic, stylistic and technical amendments deemed necessary for the publication of articles, is reserved by the editorial staff.  If however, in the judgement of the editorial staff, intervention of a drastic nature is necessary, it will be done after deliberation with the author.

2.  Author’s particulars

Each article submitted must be accompanied by the author’s particulars, such as title, name, address, contact number and professional affiliation, where applicable.

3.  Format

An A4-format is required.  The length of articles should rather be in the order of 25 typed folios, or about 10 000 words in Times Roman Font, a 12 pt lettering throughout the text and 1.5 line spacing.

A synopsis of each article in approximately not more than 250 words must be submitted simultaneously.

An electronic version of the article per e-mail dispatchment to the following address is required:

4.  Titles and headings

Titles of articles must be in Times Roman Font in 16 pt bold lettering. Articles must constitute divisions and sections, provided with headings and sub-headings, in 12 pt lettering, in Arabic numbering down to three levels only, and in bold.

5.  Graphics

Graphical presentations, diagrams, etc. can be submitted and must be prepared in any one of the following formats:  .pdf, .pcx, .bmp, .cdr, .egm or .tif.

6.  Footnotes

The application of footnotes for necessary clarification and illustration is encouraged.  Footnotes should be presented at the bottoms of pages in Arabic numerical consecutive order in Times Roman Font, 10 pt lettering.

7.  Reference

The abbreviated Harvard method of reference is preferred.

8.  Bibliography

A Bibliography in alphabetical order, according to the Harvard method, is required.

9.  Page fees

Authors connected to academic institutions in South Africa will be liable for page fees.

Tydskrif vir Christelike Wetenskap

'n Geakkrediteerde tydskrif van die VCHO.

Die Tydskrif vir Christelike Wetenskap is 'n geakkrediteerde tydskrif van die Vereniging vir Christelike Hoër Onderwys, en bied aan akademici die geleentheid om bydraes deur middel van artikels wat deur onafhanklike keurders ge-evalueer word, te publiseer. Sodanige artikels moet 'n prinsipiële begronding of standpuntinname bevat (wat nie noodwendig dié van die VCHO hoef te wees nie), en 'n bydrae tot die uitbouing van Christelike wetenskap lewer, of met die Christelik-wetenskaplike tradisie in gesprek tree. Die tydskrif dra internasionale status.

Tydskrif vir Christelike Wetenskap word saamgestel deur bydraes vanuit die akademiese sfeer, met die doel om die diskoers oor Christelike wetenskapsbeoefening te stimuleer. Artikels word deur kundiges gekeur voor publikasie. Twee gewone uitgawes verskyn per jaar. Outeurs wat aan akademiese instellings verbonde is, is vir bladgeld aanspreeklik. Enigeen kan hierop inteken.

Gepubliseerde artikels / Published articles